28 Days of Prayer for Mayfair Road

by Frank Gil on January 31, 2021

Will your pray with me for the next 28 days for the Mayfair Road Campus? God has been faithfully working behind the scenes to make this launch happen. For the next 28 days, we want to pray for the Mayfair Road Campus to be the church God has called the campus to be. Over the next four weeks, we will be praying through the mission of Epikos Church. We pray we will be a people that make more and better disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and multiplication. Join us as we go to the Lord each day to bless this campus and see gospel-centered change in the Mayfair Road community.

– Pastor Frank Gil, Mayfair Road Campus Pastor

Download the 28 Days of Prayer for Mayfair Road Card

Date Verse Theme Prayer Focus
2/1 Psalm 150:1-6 God is glorified by our worship. Pray that the words that are sung, the sermons that are preached, and the fellowship that will be had glorifies God.
2/2 John 4:23-24 Worship in spirit & truth. Pray that God's people at Mayfair Road worship God with whole hearts and minds.
2/3 Psalm 95:1-11 Let our worship unify us to align our hearts with His and with each other. Pray that God's people are unified under the banner of Jesus.
2/4 Revelation 5:11-12 Our worship reflects the worship in Heaven. Pray Mayfair Road reflects the diversity described in Heaven.
2/5 Hebrews 10:19-25 Our worship leads to supernatural encouragment. Pray for people who are hurting and struggling to experience God's supernatual encouragment through the worship and coming together of His people.
2/6 John 4:39-42 Let our zeal in worship lead others to worship Him. Pray our earnest worship to God will lead others to seek to worship God as well.
2/7 Philippians 4:4 As God's people, let us praise Him through all times. Pray for Mayfair Road team to rejoice in the Lord regardless of the circumstances.
2/8 Romans 12:9–13 We have been wired for godly community. Pray the Mayfair Road campus sees godly community that can only be found in His church.
2/9 Romans 12:9a Let us have community that is authentic and real. Pray the Mayfair Road community will be real with God and with each other.
2/10 Romans 12:9b Seek community that is both welcoming but honest about sin. Pray God's people at Mayfair Road will keep each other accountable and push one another towards Christ-like living.
2/11 Romans 12:10 May we have community that goes beyond the superficial and creates family bonds. Pray Mayfair Road has a community where relationships go beyond Sunday morning.
2/12 Romans 12:12 We are better when we are together. Pray Mayfair Road is a place where people carry one another's burdens.
2/13 Romans 12:13 May our community show hospitality and meet the needs of everyone in our campus. Pray Mayfair Road shows hospitality and meets the need for everyone in the community.
2/14 Revelation 7:9 Let our community look like the community we will see in eternity. Pray Mayfair Road draws people from every walk of life into gospel community.
2/15 Philippians 2:5-11 Christ saved us by serving us, therefore we should serve others. Pray Mayfair Road humbly serves others like Jesus.
2/16 Matthew 20:25-28 When we serve like Christ, it is not for our glory. Pray the Holy Spirit reveals our purpose for serving one another.
2/17 John 13:12-17 We serve others out of an overflow of gratitude. Pray our community would have a grateful and thankful heart.
2/18 Isaiah 1:10-13 Our service is not done to earn God's favor but to reflect how good He is to us. Pray the people at Mayfair Road serve, not out of obligation, but from a heart of love.
2/19 John 13:3-16 May we continue to see Christ as our example for our service. Pray the church serves each other and the community selflessly.
2/20 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 May we find ways to serve in our community outside of Sunday morning. Pray attenders seek intentional ways to love each other during the week.
2/21 1 Corinthians 12:14-26 May we use our gifts given to us by God for the expressed purpose of serving others. Pray we use our gifts given to us by God for the expressed purpose of serving others.
2/22 Genesis 12:1-3 Mayfair Road is part of the greater story of God saving the world to Himself. Pray for the building, technology, and all the components to work seamlessly in the launch of this campus.
2/23 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 Since we have been saved by Christ, may we seek out to reach others for the gospel. Pray for favor as we engage the local schools and businesses in the community.
2/24 Colossians 1:15-20 May our faithfulness to Christ cause others to see Jesus for who He is. Pray for opportunities to show others Jesus.
2/25 Matthew 16:13-19 Nothing can stop God's plan for His church. Pray for each person to do their part in God's plan for Mayfair Road.
2/26 Matthew 28:19 We are not merely making converts. but we are making disciples. Pray for opportunities where we can lead people to a growing relationship with Jesus.
2/27 Matthew 5:16 Making more and better disciples through God's people being sent out into the world. Pray that more and better disciples will be made at the Mayfair Road campus.
2/28 Hebrews 13:20-21 May we launch well for the glory of God. Pray for the launch of the Mayfair Road campus, as we trust on God's provision.

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