God Has Done Much Crazier Things—Launching the Mayfair Road Campus

by Pastor Frank Gil on April 18, 2020

There is something you should know about me as the new Mayfair Road campus pastor. I am very optimistic

I think my mom taught me that growing up. She came to America from Cuba with a one-year-old baby and $100 to her name. However, she was convinced that if she could just get to America, then she would figure things out when she got there. Let’s fast forward to my middle school years where I remember my mom telling me she didn’t know how she would pay next month’s rent and we had to choose between spending our last bit of cash on either electricity or food. However, she was optimistic that the Lord would take care of us and so I believed her. I believed her because the Lord was faithful, one way or another to take care of us.

What we are facing right now is unprecedented. They didn’t teach “how to pastor during a pandemic” in Bible college. We are prayerfully navigating these events day by day along with you. 

I know many folks have reached out asking me, so what is next? Will we still launch? Will it get pushed back? I am optimistically saying, “Lord willing, everything is still moving forward as expected. If we can’t, we will figure it out.” 

I am not nervous about the launch of the Mayfair Road campus, because the Lord has done crazier things in crazier times. My optimism is not rooted in naivety. It is rooted in the consistent character of God.

In Genesis 6, God told Noah to build an Ark before a drop of rain hit the ground.

In Genesis 12, God told Abram to leave everything he knew and to trust God to create a nation from his offspring despite the fact that his wife could not have children.

In Exodus 14, God told Moses to cross the Red Sea with Israel despite Egypt’s army chasing after them.

In 1 Samuel 17, a teenaged-boy named David had the audacity to step up to Goliath with only five stones and a sling. 

In the book of Ruth, Ruth stayed with her mother-in-law Naomi and followed her into Bethlehem despite losing her husband and family.

The widow, in Mark 12, gave to Jesus two copper coins as an offering to God even though she was poor. 

In Luke 5, the paralytic man was carried in by his friends to be healed by Jesus even though they had to literally cut a hole in the roof.

There are countless more examples from Scripture that I could share with you of ways people optimistically trusted in God to do crazy things during difficult circumstances. I suppose another word for optimism is faith, and I have faith that we will launch the Mayfair Road campus. Why wouldn’t I? God can and has done so many crazier things.

However, even if things do get pushed back, if things look a little differently, or maybe we can’t renovate like we want to, God is still going to use the Mayfair Road Campus for His glory to reach the northwest corner of Milwaukee how He pleases. This is the confidence we can have in God. 

James 4 encourages us to preface every decision and plan that we may have with the phrase “Lord willing.” James 4:15 says, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.” So we stand affirmed and confident that the Epikos Church Mayfair Road campus will launch how we have planned if it is the Lord’s will. If we have to pivot and move some things around, we will be alright. 

Here is what I am asking from the people of Epikos:

  1. Pray for our church leadership as we are learning to “do church” in a COVID-19 world.
  2. Pray for the Mayfair Road Food Pantry as we are still serving those who are in need during this difficult time.
  3. Pray for the campus launch. Specifically, that we launch how and when the Lord wants us to launch and we are able to make a true gospel impact in our community.

I am optimistic at this time and I think you should be too. If you need anything, please email me ( ) and I would love to Facetime with you. 

Stay safe!

P.S. Watch something funny on YouTube to pass the time. This video made me laugh a lot:

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