Microsite Locations

Current Epikos Microsites

Beloit, WI - Led by Isiah King


About Microsites 

Microsite locations are just another way for Epikos to continue our mission to make more and better disciples through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and multiplication. A microsite church can be organized by anyone to meet in any place, at any time that a small group of believers can gather to extend the reach of a multiplying church. They are a way to bring teaching and worship services to people regionally, nationally, and globally that don't have current access to a local church. Epikos microsites get the best of the larger church resources (with production and teaching) paired with the intimacy of a gathering like small groups.


Traditionally, a microsite gathering will meet on Sundays at a time and in a place that best suits the needs of the people who are a part of the gathering. For example, a microsite can meet on Sunday morning in the living room of a host with as few as 10 people who then engage in small group style conversation. Or, they could meet on a weeknight while sharing a meal. 


A microsite leader is someone who has come from the Epikos Church community who has modeled spiritual maturity. They have a track record of serving in spiritual leadership and mission and vision alignment with Epikos Church. This person will be affirmed and trained by Epikos Church prior to a microsite launch.

what does musical worship look like?

Live worship music is played from the stream. However, if local musicians can be raised up, a more intimate and customized style of musical worship can take place on-site prior to the sermon being streamed. 

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