Helping Others During COVID-19

We know many members of our Epikos Church family are looking for ways to serve and help others through everything that is happening with COVID-19.

Here are a few ways you can support our community during this time.

Financial Support

If you would like to provide financial support to those in need throughout COVID-19, please donate to our Mercy Ministry. You are also able to give directly to the Mayfair Road Food Pantry to support the purchase of items to keep our food pantry stocked during this time. Thank you for your financial support.

Give to Our COVID-19 Relief Effort

If you find yourself in need due to COVID-19, please feel free to submit an application for financial support by filling out our COVID-19 Mercy Ministry request form.

COVID-19 Mercy Ministry Request


We are working on a variety of opportunities to serve our community during this time. If you are interested, please fill out the serving interest form.

Serve During COVID-19

Help the Mayfair Road Food Pantry

You can learn more on our Mayfair Road Food Pantry page about how to donate non-perishable food items to the pantry.

Donate Food to the Mayfair Road Food Pantry