Become a Partner

Going deeper at Epikos.

 Many churches talk about having members. At Epikos, we prefer the word partners.

See, membership implies a one-time deal. You jump through a couple of hoops, and poof! You’re a member. But a partnership is a more active. lt’s an ongoing commitment to go deeper with God and with one another and to support the ministries of the church.

If you’re part of an Epikos Group and have found a place to serve, your best next step is to consider becoming a Partner.

How it Works

Join Our Partnership Class

This engaging, three-week class is taught by our Lead Pastor and Campus Pastors. You’ll get to meet other families who are also considering Partnership.

Learn All About Epikos

We’ll walk you through Epikos’ vision and values, review our doctrinal statement, and provide opportunities to ask theological questions.

Decide if Partnership is Right for You

We want you to feel certain about your decision to partner with us! If you’re not ready by the end of class, it’s OK! You’re still welcome to participate at Epikos.