Serve at Epikos

Get outside yourself.

These days, people are busier than ever. We spend a lot of time and energy managing our own lives: our stuff, our homes, our jobs, our families. It’s exhausting and, over time, isolating.

Here’s the secret to combating all that weary loneliness: Get outside yourself by serving others.

We know it seems counterintuitive to add something to your busy schedule, but you’ll see: Serving at Epikos feels like a get to, not a have to!

Volunteer Opportunities

Make new friends, be a part of something bigger than yourself, and feel good knowing you’re doing good.

Cleaning Team

Support the Sunday worship experience by keeping the church buildings clean and welcoming.

Community Partnerships

Partner with Milwaukee Rescue Mission to support their fight against homelessness, poverty, and hunger in our community.


Create an authentic and welcoming environment by greeting people, offering beverages, and handing out bulletins.

Creative Team

We use our creative gifts in a number of ways at Epikos. There are a number of ways to get involved around your schedule. 

Epikos Group Leader

Host and lead groups of people who lovingly hold one another accountable to applying God’s Word to their everyday life.

Epikos Kids

Partner with families as they grow to know and follow Jesus.

Epikos Students - Mayfair Road

Create space for tweens and teens to figure out how to fuse faith with their everyday lives.

Epikos Students - West Allis

Create space for tweens and teens to figure out how to fuse faith with their everyday lives.

Facility: Monthly Projects

Support on-campus ministries by keeping our facilities and grounds safe and attractive.

Missionary Care

Provide our missionaries with care and support through email interaction and care packages.

Missionary Prayer Support

Gather to pray for our mission partners and short-term teams—for safety, blessing, and effective, Spirit-led ministry.

Musical Worship

Lead the church in the worship of Christ through song, and create an environment where people encounter God.


Meet and pray with people after Sunday services, and faithfully pray for our church community throughout the week.


Work to keep our campuses safe, and serve as the go-to if someone needs attention during an Epikos service or event.


Foster a meaningful worship experience through the technical aspects of sound, lights, and visuals.