Epikos Students

Where real faith meets real life.

 Being a teenager is hard, and being a teenager of faith can be even harder. You’re already juggling relationships, social media, school, work, and future plans, so trying to figure out how the Jesus from 2,000 years ago makes a difference in your life, right now, seems pretty overwhelming.

At Epikos Students, we’re committed to helping preteens and teens figure out how to fuse faith with their everyday lives. Through intentional study of God’s Word, face-to-face discussions, and a whole lot of fun, we help students discover a real and relevant faith.

Questions? Email us at students@epikos.org


Let’s Hang Out!

We’re so excited for Summer! We’re not meeting reguarly but we have some really fun events scheduled. Feel Free to stop by, no registration required!

Backyard Bonfire Hangout

June 27th | 5:00pm – 7:30pm
Muskego, WI (location upon request)

We’re getting together for a good old-fashioned backyardbonfire in Muskego! Join us and bring a friend for a nightroasting smores, playing games, and enjoying someworship. For location details and carpool information,email us at students@epikos.org

End of Summer Bash

July 18th | 5:00pm – 7:30pm
West Allis Campus

It’s only mid-July but we’re celebrating the beginning of theend of summer with our End of Summer Bash at the Epikos -West Allis Campus. We’ll have an awesome night of games,food, and big prizes! Any student can come—no registrationrequired. Have questions? Email us at students@epikos.org

What to Expect at Epikos Students

These three simple ingredients make Epikos Student Ministries the best night of the week.



Strong friendships are the key to thriving in the teen years, which is why we set aside time on Sunday nights to just hang out and get to know each other. Students also meet in small groups during the evening to discuss the sermon and pray for each other.



Every scripture can be directly connected to topics that matter to our students. By looking at what the Bible says about dating, stress, depression, partying, identity, parents, friendships, and more, your teen will see God is with them and for them, no matter what they go through.



It’s not an Epikos Students gathering without snacks and games! We want to create an atmosphere where every student can relax and enjoy themselves.