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We want to connect with you! If you’re new, want to learn more about Epikos, or want to share a prayer request with us, fill out a Connect Card!

Step into Serving

God has bestowed all of us with gifts and talents to help build His Kingdom here on Earth. At Epikos, there are volunteer positions available that will be a perfect fit for you!

Give at Epikos

At Epikos, we believe generosity is prompted by God—not by shame, guilt, or manipulation. We offer an open invitation to give, whenever and whatever you can, based on where you are in your faith journey.

Learn about Covenant Membership

April 2 | 1–3:30pm | Mayfair Road Campus

Are you considering becoming a covenant member at Epikos Church? Taking on the distinction of being a member at a church reflects our relationship with God and other believers. If you’ve been around Epikos for a while and are beginning to become more active in our church community, membership might be an excellent next step for you!

This class will cover why you should consider membership, what membership is, church and staff structure, our statement of faith, and our doctrinal distinctives. There will be a time for questions after, and you will be given next steps to take if you wish to pursue membership at Epikos.

We hope you join us to learn more about covenant membership!

Register for Parent/Child Dedications

At Epikos, Parent/Child Dedication signifies the parents’ intention partner with God and the Church to raise their child in the ways of the Lord.

Because we value the understanding and commitment to the dedication process, parents are required to attend three classes (April 16th, April 23rd, April 30th) prior to the dedication service on May 7th.

Classes will take place virtually from 1:30–2:30pm for three Sundays prior to dedication Sunday. Attendance is required at all three classes.

Get The Exodus study guide

What is God’s covenant promise, and how does he keep it? Why does God allow suffering? How can we grow in our understanding of who God is? Join us as we explore these questions and more in our new sermon series—The Exodus.

The Exodus is the accompanying study guide to Epikos Church’s March ’23–January ’24 sermon series. The series is an in-depth look at the book of Exodus.

Get a copy in-person at your campus, or grab one from our online store below.

First Step - April 16th

If you’re newer to Epikos, or have been around a while but have never gone to a First Step meeting, we invite you to join us for a quick 20 minute First Step meeting right after service. You’ll get to meet your campus pastor, learn more about the history of Epikos, and have an opportunity to talk about your Next Steps. No registration required just show up!

Find Your Community

Epikos Kids

Birth–5th Grade | At Epikos Kids, our goal is to partner with families to help their kids know and love Jesus. Our staff and volunteers are trustworthy and compassionate—and they’re all about creating a safe, welcoming, and faith-focused environment.

Epikos Students

6th–12th Grade | At Epikos Students, we’re committed to helping preteens and teens figure out how to fuse faith with their everyday lives. Through intentional study of God’s Word, face-to-face discussions, and a whole lot of fun, we help students discover a real and relevant faith.

Epikos Groups

Studying God’s Word or hearing it on Sunday mornings is one thing. Trying to figure out how to live it out is an entirely different thing— especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.

Request pastoral care or biblical counseling 

If you’re struggling and you’re a part of our church family, we want to help you get the care that you need. If you’re sensing a need to receive some sort of care, on whatever level, we’re here to help determine what it is you need. We offer a number of different options and welcome you to fill out a Care Request Form to get started. 

Get Baptized

Baptism is your opportunity to publicly declare your faith and commitment to following Jesus.

Lead Pastor Search

Stay up-to-date on our Lead Pastor search

Epikos Church has set out on the journey of finding its next lead pastor to guide and shepherd our church community. We seek to find someone who will take Epikos’ mission—to make more and better disciples—to heart, and inspire us toward deeper gospel-centered transformation. 

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Sermon Resources

Introduction to Exodus

Below are a few resources that help give added context to the book of Exodus.

Torah Series Genesis and Exodus – video series by The Bible Project
Genesis Overview Video Part 1 – video by The Bible Project
Genesis Overview Video Part 2 – video by The Bible Project
Exodus Overview Video Part 1 – video by The Bible Project
Exodus Overview Video Part 2 – video by The Bible Project
Tracing God’s promise through Genesis and Exodus
Exodus: Saved for God’s Glory (Preaching the Word) book by Philip Graham Ryken

The Prayer Course

The prayer course is an eight-week course with sessions that cover various aspects of prayer. Check out this free resource! 

Looking for some new Christ-exalting music to add to your music mix? Look no further! Soak in the sounds from these Spotify playlists.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly

Linked below are a variety of Bible Reading Plans to help you get in God’s word daily. It doesn’t matter which you pick; just get in God’s word. If you have any questions while you read. Reach out to your campus pastor.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation through Desire –  Interview with James K. A. Smith
What is Spiritual Formation? – Article by Renovare
The Human Body and Spiritual Growth – Article by Dallas Willard
3 False Stories that Hinder Discipleship – Video by The Gospel Coalition


    Be Purposeful in Prayer

    Prayer is an essential spiritual practice that helps to strengthen and deepen our relationship with God. When we pray, our goal is to listen and speak with God about his will for our lives. Prayer can be a defined time or ongoing conversation throughout the day. Linked below are a few added resources about prayer that you can explore.

    Prayer for Beginners – article by Desiring God
    What Difference Will Prayer Make? – article by Desiring God
    What Should We Pray For? – article by Desiring God
    How To Pray To God When You Don’t Feel Like Praying! – video by Allen Parr
    How can I improve my prayer life? – video by Southern Seminary

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