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We want to connect with you! If you’re new, want to learn more about Epikos, or want to share a prayer request with us, fill out a Connect Card!

28 Days of Prayer

Prayer is an essential part of our spiritual lives—after all, it is one of the foundations of our personal relationship with God. To state it simply, our prayers are conversations and petitions with God. Just as we grow in relationship with others when we take the time to share what’s going on in our lives and in turn listen to what’s going on in theirs, so too we grow in relationship with God when we spend time in prayer. 

It is our hope that over these 28 days as you spend dedicated time in prayer, that you develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with God.

To join us in prayer, you can download a copy of the prayer card here, or follow along on social media each day.

Serve at Epikos

God has gifted all of us with gifts and talents to help build His Kingdom here on Earth. At Epikos, there are volunteer positions available that will be a perfect fit for you! 

Get Baptized

Baptism is your opportunity to publicly declare your faith and commitment to following Jesus.

Request Pastoral Care or Biblical Counseling 

If you’re struggling and you’re a part of our church family, we want to help you get the care that you need. If you’re sensing a need to receive some sort of care, on whatever level, we’re here to help determine what it is you need. We offer a number of different options and welcome you to fill out a Care Request Form to get started. 

Sermon Resources

The Resurrection is Real 

Additional resources, links, and information about Jesus’ resurrection. 

Give at Epikos

At Epikos, we believe generosity is prompted by God—not by shame, guilt, or manipulation. We offer an open invitation to give, whenever and whatever you can, based on where you are in your faith journey.

Find Your Community

Epikos Kids

Birth–5th Grade | At Epikos Kids, our goal is to partner with families to help their kids know and love Jesus. Our staff and volunteers are trustworthy and compassionate—and they’re all about creating a safe, welcoming, and faith-focused environment.

Epikos Students

6th–12th Grade | At Epikos Students, we’re committed to helping preteens and teens figure out how to fuse faith with their everyday lives. Through intentional study of God’s Word, face-to-face discussions, and a whole lot of fun, we help students discover a real and relevant faith.

Epikos Groups

Studying God’s Word or hearing it on Sunday mornings is one thing. Trying to figure out how to live it out is an entirely different thing— especially if you’re trying to do it on your own.

Any Questions?

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